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Pop Culture Leadership 2: Damon & Dicaprio on Scorcese

I found another nice illustration of how great leaders get extraordinary performances out of people, in this conversation between Matt Damon and Leo Dicaprio about how director Martin Scorcese inspires the cast and crew. It’s from a publicity clip about their new film The Departed:

Matt Damon on Martin Scorcese
“Everyone’s excited to be there (on the set), because he’s giving everyone space to do their best work…(He’s so) energised, disciplined and focussed, he brings out the best in everyone around him…Nobody wants to show up empty-handed.”

Leonardo Dicaprio on Martin Scorcese
“I can’t specifically identify anything he does particularly different than other directors. I just feel there’s such a respect level for him when people come on the set, even the minor characters, that everyone is just on their A Game. They know they’ve got to come completely prepared with something to offer that man.”

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