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The 60 Second Leader™ Book

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60 Second Leader to be translated into Italian, Polish, Chinese, Turkish and Vietnamese

The 60 Second Leader BookThe 60 Second Leader, which was published in the spring in the UK and in the summer in the US, has just been licensed for translation into Turkish. Last month it was licensed for translation into Italian, the month before into Chinese and Polish, and back in May the publisher approved a request to translate the book into Vietnamese.

There are some free extracts from the book for you on the link at the top of the page, drawn from a three-page article on the book that is in the current issue of The Marketer, the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM) journal.

The book is a distillation of what great leaders do, broken down into 60 second reads, for busy leaders, would-be leaders and should-be leaders who don’t have time to read books.

The book is available on Amazon and in all good book stores.

Sample extracts from The 60 Second Leader

What people say about The 60 Second Leader

‘A good prescription for all of us! Hope the book does well.’
Guy Kawasaki, Garage.com. Author, Rules for Revolutionaries and The Art of The Start

‘I was very impressed. I approached it as a cynic, thinking it was going to be one of those ‘MBA in a day’ things. But, I enjoyed it. It’s very well put together.’
Steve Parks, CEO, The Red Group

‘Well done on your refreshing approach to leadership. I recommended your book to a large conference yesterday. Keep going – this world needs people like you.’
David Taylor, Author, The Naked Leader

‘The book is great. I’m really enjoying reading it; very informative, easy to read and a bit irreverent which I really like. I will recommend it to all my friends. It deserves a wide readership!’
Jon Harding, Senior HR Manager in charge of Leadership Development, Intercontinental Hotels Group

Amazon Reviews

Brilliant common sense, 2 Sep 2007
By Joe Espana (Hampshire, UK) – See all my reviews
I’ve just finished my dipping in and out method of reading this fabulous little book. Yes you can read it cover to cover but there is no need. Browse the conetnts and look up an area that interests you. I loved Phils easy and fluid style ( and some times witty asides ). It’s a very well researched book and Phil Dourado certainly gets about, meets lots of ‘gurus’ and keeps great notes. I also particularly liked the stories. They bring all the subjects to life and are a great metaphor for leadership in themselves. I thought it was thought provoking, confirming and stimulating. Many leadership writers should take a leaf out of this style and way of communicating. Brilliant.

Exceptional and straightforward, 31 Aug 2007
By Peter Cusack – See all my reviews
Why has a book like this never been written before? The writing is clear and comprehensive. A very useful book which can assist everybody at all levels of management in all sizes of organization, business or otherwise.

I am not normally gushing about books, but this one is exceptional in its ability to provide straightforward guidelines in an easy to understand way, showing methods that work.

Great value -You can’t lose, 14 Jul 2007
By David Grewcock (UK) – See all my reviews
I think this is a great little book on leadership. It’s made up of 30 two or three page chapters and that makes it addictively “dippable” – you find yourself reading “just one more chapter”, even if you ought to be doing something else.Each of them is full of stories, quotes and observations from current and past leaders in politics, business and the military etc. I’ve developed something of an allergy to hearing so much about the great and the good, but this is written in such an engaging, accessible and non-academic style that it was a genuinely enjoyable read. A book that makes you feel you can be a better leader – which of course you always can. Great value.

Best of the bunch, 12 Jul 2007
By Marion Janner (London, United Kingdom) – See all my reviews
I’m a bit of a management book junky. There are usually a few gems or learning points in each one. But this book is exceptional. It has an unusual and very effective combination of a strong ethos (of collaborative leadership) and an eclectic mix of stories, quotes, insights and ideas. There are great and memorable stories from world-class leaders along with practical examples and tips. Best of all, it’s a pleasure to read!

I’ve bought copies for friends and colleagues and am trying to arrange for each unit manager in my (NHS) sector to get a copy.