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B2B Web content editing

Phil was Chief Editorial Officer of the customer service/customer experience/customer management/CRM site www.eCustomerServiceWorld.com (now merged into the IIR/NACCM event) which he co-founded in May 2000 and ran for five years, before joining The Inspired Leaders Network as Chief Learning Officer for three years. He then founded the leadership development community www.TheLeadershipHub.com.

B2B Magazine Editing

Phil was launch editor of the US B2B journal Customer Service Management, which he edited for a year (April 1999-April 2000), and editor of its UK sister title, Customer Management journal, which he edited for three years (April 1997- April 2000).

National Journalism

Phil has written on marketing, media, science & technology, IT, education, business, travel, motoring, property, social trends, innovation, celebrity interviews, leadership and other subjects for the Daily Telegraph, The Independent, The Observer and Observer Magazine, Independent on Sunday and IoS Review, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail and,most recently, The Business (Sunday Business that was).

In the early 1990s he was asked to write for rival style magazines Blitz and The Face by their respective features editors and chose the wrong one. After he had written for Blitz for a year or so, it went belly up. He has never quite managed to be trendy or ‘in’ since.

He has also written for Marketing, Campaign, New Statesman, New Scientist, GQ, Business Age magazine (column), Computing, Computer Weekly, Ideal Home, and other titles on both sides of the Atlantic (from specialist magazines like Teacher, Doctor, Management Consulting and Community Care in the UK to The National Inquirer! in the US, when he was going through a tabloid phase (he’s grown out of it now).

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