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The Two Minute CV

Leadership development

Phil is currently working with one of the world’s largest companies to create a worldwide leadership development intranet for its thousands of leaders scattered around the globe. Phil is acting as overall content editor, creating and connecting short, bitesize leader nuggets that can be digested quickly by busy leaders and put into action immediately to improve their leadership performance.

The intranet features content created by Phil and colleagues and edited by him, plus a ‘great practices exchange’ that allows leaders to explain and swop their own practices with colleagues around the world.

Phil has worked in leadership development for seven years, including running a leadership development programme for a major bank’s rising stars. He is lead author of the book Seven Secrets of Inspired Leaders, published by Capstone/John Wiley & Sons in 2005.

Sharpening customer focus

Phil has become one of the UK’s leading analysts and commentators on putting the customer at the heart of business, and uses his insights to help organizations improve their customer focus and get closer to their customers.

His expertise in this area comes from over a decade spent helping to define how organizations can become more customer-centred, through writing, editing and working in the fields of marketing, customer relations, customer service and the emerging field known as the ‘customer experience’.

Phil’s experience in this area includes:

  • Three years as editor of Customer Service Management Journal (now called Customer Management Journal)
  • One year as founding editor of the US sister title Customer Service Management Journal
  • Co-founder and five years as Editorial Director of eCustomerServiceWorld.com
  • Created and delivered a series of 60-second ‘customer inspiration points’ for a major UK high street bank. These were delivered to the branches monthly via desktop intranet and used each morning to inspire the team huddle.
  • I have also presented at and chaired the Leadership Stream of the North American Conference on Customer Management – the largest customer-focussed conference in North America

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