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Feeling lucky?

Well, how spooky is that?

Couple of days ago I wrote about luck and leadership, below, having just finished researching it for a book.

And today over at the www.execubooks.com blog, they’ve asked us to blog about luck in business.

Actually, not spooky at all. As Echo wisely says to Locke in an episode of Lost :

“Mr. Locke, don’t confuse fate with coincidence.”

Here’s a quick coincidence story for you:

I was standing just outside the door of a motel room in Maine a couple of years ago, looking at the sea.

A woman came out from the next room and said, “Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? Does your wife have Huntington’s Disease?”

“Yes,” I said, surprised, as so few people know the illness. “How do you know?”

“Because my daughter, who is in our motel room, has it too. I recognized it,” she smiled. “My daughter is on a drug trial. It’s a thing called LAX-101. Your wife should ask about it. You never know,” she said.

“Well, that’s weird”, I said. “My wife’s on the LAX-101 trial, too”.

There are nearly 60 million people in the UK. Around 50 were on the LAX-101 trial.
There are, as of last month, 300 million people in the US. Around 50 were on the LAX-101 trial.

And two of those 1-in-36 million families find themselves next to each other in a motel on a fairly empty stetch of the coast of Maine.

Now, THAT’s what you call a coincidence.

Nothing to do with leadership, but it still astonishes me…

Trial didn’t work by the way. “Inconclusive results. More research needed” is the actual finding. My wife still takes the trial drug, just in case: You never know.

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