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New Year’s present for you – Free book chapter

Ooh, I’ve just finished the 60 Second Leader book manuscript (‘So what!’ I hear you cry: fair enough, but I’m excited anyway).

With the 60 Second Leader I’m trying to pioneer a new form of business book, based on the fact that none of us have time to read business books.

So, each chapter only takes 60 seconds to read. I guess this takes us into ‘when is a book not a book’ territory – that strange place you get into when you try and subvert any form and change it too radically. The publisher, for example, tells me “But, they’re not chapters. You can’t call them chapters.” Well, they are. So, there. I’m too tired and elated to take that line of argument further at the moment. And I don’t want to bore you too much before giving you a freebie for the start of 2007.

I increasingly think business books should be about distillation and essence, not over-elaboration and the laborious building of an argument or proposition chapter by chapter.

Anyway, here’s a free chapter for you so you can see if the idea of a non-book business book full of non-chapter chapters is useful in this time-poor age. Would love to hear whether you find this approach useful and how it could be improved next time.

Leadership and Failure: sample chapter from The 60 Second Leader

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