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What’s your customer manifesto?

Now this is how organization should communicate with their customers:

“Broadband. How that word excited us. What sweeping vistas of possibility it conjured in the mind’s eye. What wondrous traffic it ushered through its mighty doors. What a leap forward from the drudgery of dial-up.

But what is it today?

Standardband. Same-as-my-Dadband. The ‘information superhighway’ is now everyone’s M25. Increasing one lane at a time. Another small step for Internet-kind. Well isn’t this the 21st century? Give me back the leaps.

Give me the potential to reach speeds that will make me dizzy. Let me download without limits. Build this new online world on the principles of honesty and value, and always listen to what I may say. Bind me not by annual contracts, but win my loyalty through effort. And give me telephone support in case I tire of reading text.

Don’t cease to innovate. Don’t give me less than the best.
And don’t ever cap my dreams.”

It’s BeThere broadband. Someone’s been reading The Cluetrain Manifesto. Thank God. More please.

What’s your customer manifesto?

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