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PICTURE CREDIT: www.3dm3.com

From Shaping Tomorrow, I learn this new word (OK, it’s been around for a while, but I’m slow sometimes), which I love: Crowdsourcing. Inspired by the book The Wisdom of Crowds, of course. Here’s what it means, according to the Shaping Tomorrow crew:

We all know something
We all have unique ideas. We can all contribute to our futures. And, though as individuals we might be blind to tomorrow, collectively we can see much of what is coming.

Stakeholder views
We have learned from direct experience that companies miss the most obvious source of information on how the future will be different; their stakeholders. An organisation’s people, its suppliers and customers often have deep insights into many aspects of the future that management ignores. Tapping this source is easy and fast using tightly framed questions about how the future will be different and what you should be doing about it.”

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