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Building Fun Into The Contact Centre/Center to Combat Stress

From Dave Hemsath and Leslie Yerkes’ great book ‘301 Ways To Have Fun At Work’

“Western Wireless Corporation operates a customer service call center that is open 24 x 7 x 365. The company recognizes that employees at the call center handle a high volume of work that requires them to be consistently diplomatic and positive. Because of the stressful nature of the work, the company encourages activities to boost morale.

Stephanie Dropping, professional development manager for Western Wireless, participates in a customer service ‘spirit committee’ formed by her company. The committee has organized various fun activities, including a customer service Olympics.

The Olympics featured sports and job-related events. Individuals were awarded bronze, silver, and gold medals for their achievements. The goal of the committee was to have everyone be a winner.

When asked why it is important to spend time on fun activities, Stephanie quickly replied that ‘the objective is to reduce the stress of the job and keep the human element in the work.’”

Source: 301 Ways To Have Fun At Work, by Dave Hemsath and Lesley Yerkes

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