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Take Me to My Happy Place

If you log onto The Borgata hotel, casino and leisure complex in Atlantic City, the website says “Take me to my happy place” just above the menu of things to do there.

Only six words, but shows a real understanding of how to see yourself through your customer’s eyes and be clear on the part you are offering to play in their lives.

Starbucks positions itself a The Third Place (a respite between home and work). The Borgata presents itself as ‘My’ Happy Place (just a bit more personal and also a lot clearer as a proposition than ‘The Third Place’, which means nothing to most people and is a bit pseud-y, to be honest).

So, what part do you play in your customers’ lives? What place are you, from their perspective? How do you fit into their lives? This is new marketing. It’s not about you as a product or service or company. It’s about you as a piece of someone else’s jigsaw.

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