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Courage and Leadership

I’m working with Alper Utku to help him define a kind of leadership that matches what we need as individuals and organizations in the 21st Century. Alper dubs it Open Heart Leadership and has started a blog to try and define it in theory and in practice.

Here’s his first post on the subject, which I worked with him to create:

Courage and Open Heart Leadership

“OK, so we’ll use these posts to chip away at the definition of Open Heart Leadership, like a sculptor, by working through some critical elements – Courage, Realness, Intimacy and so on.

Let’s start with a few posts on Courage. Below is link to a MindMap on the Open Heart Leadership blog that I created to help me think this through. If you want to take a look, click on the jpeg of the MindMap a couple of times to get your ‘magnifier’ to work, so you can read it. Or, download the jpeg and use your viewer to magnify it so you can read it.

I’ll then blog further this week on some of the elements in the MindMap to pull together how Courage is part of Open Heart Leadership.

Here’s the link (It’s posted on August 25th): The Open Heart Leadership Blog: Courage; The MindMap

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