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How to lead in a downturn. The most important lesson of all

It occurs to me a lot of us are leading through a downturn – tough trading conditions, whatever you want to call it – for the first time. So, Douglas Adams’ advice from The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, is the best of all. It’s on the button below.

Those of us who are old enough to have been through previous downturns are still here. You will be too. And so will your organization if you lead it right (no pressure, then). Hint: part of your leadership job now is helping others not to panic, too. People panic when they feel things are out of their control. You help fix that by clearly setting out what’s happening, consulting with them on how the organization should respond to emerging trading conditions, and doing what you say. ‘Consulting’ doesn’t mean a long drawn-out consultation process. It means using the rapport and open communications channels you have established with individuals and people en masse to let people know where things are going, and involve them in adjusting to get there: you need their agreement and buy-in, as always, and then they’ll help you get there.

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