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What to say to customers in tough times

This is from the Harvard Daily Management Tip, which is well worth signing up for. The link at the bottom of this post takes you to a Harvard screen where you can sign up for the tip.

What you say to customers now can help your company emerge stronger when the economic climate improves. Keep five things in mind:

1. Be empathetic — without being pathetic. Forgo messages implying customers should help you reduce inventory. Instead, tell them about well-deserved bargains.

2. Offer real assistance — not happy talk. Companies that can make their promises tangible can gain an advantage.

3. Adjust to your customers’ changed behaviors. They are probably at work longer, shopping for discounts, and eating out less. Bring the conversation to them.

4. Address people’s attention deficit. Time-starved, on-edge consumers value advertising that’s quick and to the point.

5. Say something. Research shows that most companies that “go dark” during a downturn damage customer relationships.

Today’s Management Tip was adapted from “What to Say to Customers Now” by Paul Nunes.

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