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Six services that drive customers crazy

Nice post from Joanna Higgins here on Six Services That Drive Customers Crazy. Here’s a preview of what she calls the ‘repeat offenders’:

1. The ‘home delivery’ service that struggles to deliver to your home, between the hours of 6am and 8pm, requires the promise of your firstborn before it can re-direct a parcel to your workplace and whose ‘network’ of depots exist each in a separate galaxy. If your parcel finds its way to one of these depots, pack a change of socks,and don’t forget to write.

2. Air miles. Surely the most glorious proof of loyalty a customer can demonstrate. But try redeeming any of your 90,000 air miles and you’ll find that the next available flight is four years hence, leaving PoDunk airport at 3am, has more legs than a centipede and lands you at your destination 24 hours later than were you to row yourself across. By this time, the last cabbie in the world has clocked off for the night.

3. Voice activated train timetables. You say tomato, it hears banana.

More here .

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