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The Power of Introverts

As an introvert who teaches leadership (?? How did I end up doing this ??) I love Susan Cain and her growing movement that says you don’t have to be loud and proud to be a great leader.

I particularly love, from this talk, “There’s zero correlation between the best talker and the person with the best ideas.”

The leaders Susan Cain talks about tend to be ego-lite, thoughtful, analytical, and they listen a lot instead of pushing their own ideas.

In the world of business that’s equated with ‘weak’ quite often.

I love also the way she points out that the people who really ‘get’ the power of ‘quiet leadership’ is the military. Surprising, huh.

She argues for more quiet thinking time, leading to better, more creative decisions.

Because this is an age of information overload and too many people fighting to get their opinion heard.

Here’s her website. If you haven’t heard her 2014 TEDTalk yet (I’m not sure it’s even on the TED site yet: the one we’ve posted here is a couple of years old), there’s a transcript on her site.

Phil Dourado

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