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Phil’s Picks for March: Rob Roe’s FAQs for Organizations

‘Phil’s Picks’ steer you to the best leadership learning on the web.

Rob Roe was a leading contributor to the Leadership Hub’s Community of Practice – our original community when the Hub started back in 2008.

We’ve temporarily closed that community while we revamp it, as I had to stop facilitating it, as we had to focus on a big corporate client (we fund the Leadership Hub with the profit from our corporate clients, and I had to go get some profit!), and in the absence of a central facilitator, the Hub community got taken over by ego bloggers and spammers and the community disappeared. Maze

But, anyway, Rob was a real thought leader in that community when it was vibrant, and I’m delighted to see he’s taken that further still with his new online “FAQs for Organizations”. 

Rob is a deep thinker and recently sent me his blueprint of where organizations and leadership go wrong and how to fix it and I found it compelling.

Rob’s thinking emerges out of Systems Thinking and I feel that’s the only way for leadership to go if we are to move our lumbering slow organizations into a new agile world.

Or they’ll disappear, like that community temporarily did (it’ll be back! Working on it).

Anyway, here’s an example of Rob’s thinking. Click to go to his site and read on, if this opening sounds familiar to you:

 “When we return from the latest leadership program, best practices conference, offsite strategy workshop, we find ourselves still stuck in meetings all day long, we still can’t get decisions made, we still write and read enough emails to make War and Peace look like a short story and we still spend our weekends doing our actual jobs. And forget about trying to innovate, anything!”

Read more from Rob here.

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