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Phil’s Picks for November: The Greatest Leadership Speech of All Time?

The level of speechmaking and public pronouncements in the US election by one of the candidates in particular has been breath-takingly unpresidential.

Which reminds me of this wonderful, moving speech by a nearly-President who was lost to us too early.

Now, THIS is what being Presidential and Statesmanlike (or Stateswomanlike) is really about:

Robert Kennedy

Robert Kennedy: The greatest leadership speech ever made? 

On April 4th 1968, Robert Kennedy stepped off a plane and gave an off-the-cuff speech below, from the back of a flatbed truck in a poor black part of Indianapolis. He knew, but the crowd didn’t, that Martin Luther King had been killed that night.

There were riots in 100 US cities this night, in outrage at Dr. King’s murder. But, there was no riot in Indianapolis, where Robert Kennedy gave this speech…

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