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Patient leadership: an ‘Aha!’ moment for me…


A new article by Phil Dourado on patient-led care, a well-discussed but rarely practised tenet of Healthcare Leadership.

What should patient-led care look like in real, practical terms? Here are 3 examples in this 60-second article…

“He feels that he leads the shaping of his own life, rather than having his life led by the illness, mediated by the consultant.”

What we all have in common is the need to lead our own lives.

Patient-Led Care

Patient-led care changes the view of what a ‘successful outcome’ for long-term treatment will look like, letting the patient or their representative describe their view of success. Then the health and social care package is shaped around them to best achieve that.

It empowers the patient, and improves their relationships with the staff by breaking the staff’s assumptions of how the average case works.

“No-one is average. Constructing a care package and expectations from the ‘median’ or ‘mean’ or some other aggregation that leads to ‘likely outcomes’, pushes those likely outcomes to the average; often down from the outcomes you can achieve if you are led by the patient.”

Read Phil’s 60 Second Article in Full >>

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