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Leaders and outsourcing (1): execubooks blog sample

We were asked this past week on the www.execubooks.com blogsite to blog on outsourcing. Here are a couple of samples from that blog (below) from me, in case you want to wander over there to browse the other contributors, too (link is on the right). Next week we are blogging over there on customer loyalty. Should be good. It’s one of the few subjects I know a little bit about 😉

It struck me this week that you can now outsource anything

First, outsource your prayers

“Short On Priests, US Catholics Outsource Prayer to Indian Clergy”

– Headline in the New York Times spotted by Tom Peters. Apparently, American clergy charge $5 per prayer to pray for supplicants who have asked for divine help, whereas Indian clergy charge just 90 cents.

Then, outsource your kids

Offshoring the family is the latest fad for UK-based parents. Families based in London are sending their kids to the International School in Bangalore, India – It offers grounds, facilities and education standards that match or eclipse the best private schools. Yet, it costs £8,000 (GB Pounds – about $14,500 US) per year to board, including flights and tuition, versus £25,000 per year for a similar-level private school in the UK. Gets a bit tiring if you go home for lunch.

Source: BBC Radio 4 You & Yours. You can listen to it again here: http://snipurl.com/outsourcethekids

Finally, outsource your clothes

“Don’t own anything if you can help it. If you can, rent your shoes.”

– Forrest Gump, from Winston Groom’s book Gumpisms, the Wit and Wisdom of Forrest Gump

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