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Wow: Lump, throat, advert.

99% of recruitment advertising is pants (UK word. US readers substitute ‘crap’). I used to write about advertising and marketing (sometimes still do) for Marketing, Marketing Week, the Independent and others, and despaired of ever seeing a creative recruitment ad.

But this is possibly the most moving and creative interweaving of images and words in a recruitment ad I have ever seen. Make sure to read what’s on the cricket ball in the last frame:

Social worker recruitment ad

How does this relate to leadership? Well, it’s mentioned here mainly because I swoon over powerful written communication and it is so rare to see something as beautifully crafted as this. Leaders are storytellers, makers of meaning, and this ad does that beautifully.

I found it in Lee McEwan’s brilliant Serendipity Book having been led there by Johnnie Moore’s blog.

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