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Phil’s Picks for June: Well done, Nathan!

So, my pick of leadership learning resources on the net for June 2016 is…

The brilliant Nathan Lozeron.

Nathan Lozeron

Nathan describes himself as

“Student. Teacher. Engineer. Project manager. Aspiring entrepreneur.”

He’s also taken the rather tired discipline of personal, team and organization productivity and injected dynamic learning into it with his smart use of animated book summaries.

You’ll remember the RSA started off this combination of drawing (it’s not really animation is it; it’s images drawn while the learning is being narrated to reinforce the learning) and voiceover a few years back.

Perhaps the most effective use of animated book summaries (read on this occasion by the author) was the RSA’s animation of Dan Pink’s reading of the main learning points from his book Drive.

Dan Pink's Drive Video

As with my gripe about infographics (see May’s post below), the RSA’s powerful ‘invention’ was then followed by hundreds of tedious copies (including some of the RSA’s own, to be honest) that never hit the heights of Pink’s Drive.

So, the new medium became devalued; populated with overlong animations with tedious voices and animators who sometimes didn’t quite get the core learning points.

So, just as I was jaded with this promising new medium (again, as with infographics, below), along comes Nathan with his consistently entertaining, focussed, inspiring, high quality version of this medium, complete with a one-page pdf delivered to your inbox if you subscribe, to help cement the learning.

Grit: this is beautifully done

Here’s the latest great distillation from Nathan: Angela Duckworth’s brilliant book Grit, which helps explode the myth of talent that McKinsey’s The War For Talent has foisted on large organizations for the past two decades.

Here’s Nathan’s brilliant animated learning summary. I say ‘summary’ but part of the strength of Nathan’s approach, I think, is that these videos show HIS take on the main learning points in new books. He adds value with his own insights – pointing at the learning ‘golden nuggets’ hidden in any book that he notices himself.

Notice how Nathan respects people’s time: That was a six-minute clip. Fits right into what my team and I have been championing as the only way to effectively engage people to develop their leadership today: keep it short and sharp!

As with all other ‘Phil’s Picks’ of web-based leadership learning, I have no commercial connection with Nathan at all. I just stumbled across his You Tube Channel, then subscribed to his website, thought “What a brilliant young man” and wanted to share the learning with you.

Here’s his website:  productivitygame.com

Here’s Nathan’s You Tube Channel: Productivity Game YouTube Channel


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