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Phil’s Picks for May: Help! No more longwinded infographics please

This month I finally got fed up with INFOGRAPHICS as a medium. 

When infographics started to emerge, as short, sometimes instant-hit (as in the impact seared into you in milliseconds) picture-led information/learning/insights like this, I loved them:

Boss Leader Infographic

In fact the above is my fave infographic on leadership so far.

If anyone finds a better one, do send it to me 🙂 .

As my approach to leadership development is all about ‘micro-lessons’ and “Learn a little every day” – which originated with The 60 Second Leader book – distilled learning ‘bites’ of leadership for time-poor leaders and would-be leaders – I thought the new breed of infographics would enhance our approach.

But, as with all new media, the form got confused with the content and I’m now besieged with a series of “infographics your website users will find essential” from the new breed of online marketers or ‘native advertisers’ with titles like

27 ways to engage the workforce

15 Things leaders get wrong

The Top 50 things leaders do

And they go on and on and on and on. You have to scroll endlessly to read. You know the kind of thing.

But, I do love the emergence of SKETCH NOTES

So, I’m heartened at the emergence of sketch notes, which feel more ‘real’ and peer to peer and rough and instant, now that ‘infographics’ have been taken over by the new marketers and trashed.

Here’s a great sketch note from a great practitioner of this new communication/learning art form,

5 Disciplines Sketch Notes

The above teaches us in condensed form – and provides a handy ‘aide memoire’ to allow us to recall the learning – the Five Disciplines in Peter Senge’s book The Fifth Discipline, which any aspiring learning organization needs to embed and practice constantly.

Hats off to Tanmay Vora, creator of the above, who distils important but bulky time-consuming leader learning into sketch note form to save us all time and to focus us in on the essential learning. That link takes you to his blog, where you can find more neat sketch notes like the above.

Sketch notes, and in particular Tanmay’s example of how to do them, is my pick of the month for May, as a form of leader learning that fits neatly into the ‘distil and inspire fast’ – little and often learning – model that I use with clients.


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