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The other 80%: trust and leadership

It’s Davos time of year. The world’s leaders – elected and self-appointed, political and business – meet at the World Economic Forum‘s annual brains trust in the snow.

A snippet from this year on leadership and trust. Philip Edelman, founder of Edelman the global PR company, said this morning at Davos that

30-35% of people at work will trust a frontline worker
50% of people will trust someone they see as a peer (presumably those polled were not frontline workers, then) and…
20% of people at work will trust a Chief Executive

Since the foundation of leadership is trust, ‘Where’s the other 80% and what do I do to get it back?’ is the question chief executives have to deal with.

Anyway, as we all know leadership isn’t confined to the top of the organisation. And, if the trust quotient is anything to go on, that’s where there is, in fact, less of the capital on which leadership is built – trust – than anywhere else in an organisation.

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