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Customer satisfaction isn’t enough: ask different questions

“Too often we focus all our attention on customer satisfaction surveys that say ‘You just bought this: are you happy with it?’ Of course they are happy with it! If it’s a car, they’ve just spent £10,000 on it, so what do you expect?

‘The really important questions are ‘What about the people who didn’t buy?’ or ‘What about the people who were customers and who left?’ What do you do to find out about that? Do you contrast how customers behave to find out what is really going on?’

– Clive Humby, the mathematician co-founder of Dunnhumby, the brains behind Tesco’s Clubcard, which gives the retailer far more insight into its customer base than any other retailer I know. I heard Clive say a while back “Tesco is no longer a supplier. It is now a buyer on behalf of its customers.”

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