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It was forty years ago today…

Just a reminder that it was 40 years ago today that the world lost a great leader, at just 39 years old, in Martin Luther King. If you haven’t yet viewed the moving and inspirational speech Robert Kennedy made on that night, it will be on The Leadership Hub home page for a few days more (top left on the Hub Home Page). After that you can find it by joining The Hub and clicking on ‘view a video’ in your profile page in The Hub, or by clicking on the little TV icon in the panel of icons down the right hand side of your profile page.

A little story I heard Rene Carayol tell, he having heard it from Rudy Giuliani, two-time Mayor of New Yorl: Giuliani’s dad took him to see Dr. King speak, saying in advance something like “I want you to see what a dangerous man sounds like. America has to be careful of people like this.” After they’d both listened to Dr. King speak for a little while, Giuliani’s father leant down to him and said something like “Forget what I said. You are listening to a great, great man.” Giuliani says there were tears in his dad’s eyes.

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