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Turkey and gravy soda anyone?

At MyJones soda, you upload your own picture to go on the label, suggest recipes and write your own blurb on the back of the label. Then they deliver it to you in 12-packs.

In Canada, it’s now the second largets drinks company after Coke, according to Peter Fisk.

Their most popular flavour? Turkey and gravy soda. You can order a whole Thanksgiving or Xmas meal in soda version, in fact, including cranberry soda to mimic the side order of cranberries with your turkey. It’s one of the best-selling Thanksgiving gifts in North America.

Co-creation with customers…call it what you will. With MyJones soda and the growth of ‘design your own’ t-shirt websites that follow a similar pattern, the world of branding is now very different from how it used to be.

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