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Goodbye to the hotel bath tub

So, when you stay in a hotel, do you use the bath or the shower? Apparently, only 2% of people use the bath.

“Less than 2 percent of people ever use a bathtub in a hotel room—except at a resort,” says hotel consultant Michael Matthews, whose 40-year career includes marketing and managerial stints at luxury properties from Hong Kong to Big Sur. “The only reason to take a bath in a hotel room is when there is someone else in there with you. Otherwise, business travelers prefer to have their room outfitted with a gutsy shower.”

How much space can you, if you are a hotel operator, save by losing the bath, then? Hotel Indigo, part of the Intercontinental Hotel Group, whom I’m doing some work with at the moment, is becoming a bath-free zone. Shows how you can change if you keep a close eye on what your customers are actually doing with your product/service/offering and are willing not to be bound by established sectoral convention (‘a hotel room has to have a bathroom’ being the convention…but apparently not necessarily a bath).

Joe Brancatelli over at Portfolio.com has more on A Watery Grave For Hotel Bath Tubs

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