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Leading in a recession: Absorb their uncertainty

I like this, which is an extract from a post by Columbia Business School Professor Rita McGrath. A link to her complete post is at the end of this.

In a downturn, uncertainty freezes people. So, your job is to absorb their uncertainty. Below are five tips to help you do that.

So ask yourself:

  • 1. Am I providing a clear set of assumptions for people to operate on, with the understanding that they may change as more information becomes available?
  • 2. Have I made sure to reach out to people who seem badly affected…?
  • 3. Am I moving quickly enough to help people get past the current situation to focus on the future and what is coming next?
  • 4. Have I made clear to the people who are deeply valued by the organization that they have a promising future?
  • 5. When a decision will affect someone negatively, have I personally delivered the bad news, dealt with the fallout in a fair and transparent way, and made it clear to observers why the decision was made?

Source and read more: The five points are from a piece by Columbia Business School Professor Rita McGrath, called Absorb Their Uncertainty – and get your people unstuck . Click on the title (‘Absorb Their etc.’) to read her full blog post, which takes about three minutes.

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