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How are you doing? 60 Second Leadership Health-check

This is a useful quick exercise to refresh your leadership, from Stewart Friedman, Professor of Management at The Wharton School. May be particularly useful when you are thinking about your Personal Development Plan:

1. First, identify the most important people in your life at work, at home, and in your community.

2. Then ask them what they want and need from you.

3. Finally, describe your expectations for your own performance.

Look for patterns you may have missed about how the different parts of your life affect each other. You’re probably overestimating what they really expect from you; you might even be missing a major priority of theirs, or putting effort into something that doesn’t matter to them at all! Talk with your key stakeholders to verify and, where it makes sense, change those expectations.”

More from Friedman here if you want more than one minute on this.


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