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The genius of Rackspace

I have been switching our hosting, and the hosting for Leadership Hubs that we run for clients, to Rackspace, because their customer service is so good.

I first noticed that Rackspace was ‘different’ about four years ago, I think, when I was looking on their site and a virtual advisor popped up and asked if they could help. I know that’s common now but it wasn’t then. And it was a real person. When I said I was just looking, they said “Cool. Sorry to bother you. Let me know if I can help at any stage”, or something like that and disappeared.

It stuck in my memory.

Every encounter I’ve had so far with them their people have surprised me with how fast, responsive, helpful, surprising they are. Fanatical about service, they say, and they are. Oh, we had one blip I think, but it was a minor one and you can forgive them when they’re that good 99% of the time. I’m a fan. Unashamedly.

Anyway, I only mention it because The Motley Fool just ran a nice piece on how the genius of Rackspace comes down to their fanatical customer support, and how its led to them growing their customer base and having a ‘doozy of a quarter’ when their competitors are struggling. Who says amazing customer sevice doesn’t generate money? Here’s the Motley Fool article.

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