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The New Globalism: Barclays gets it, HSBC doesn’t

Heard Bob Geldof say this at Leaders in London couple of weeks ago. Clever man…

“In parts of Africa people don’t trust institutions. They keep their money in secret societies. Barclays did a clever thing. They went and found the people who hold money for their communities, who keep it safe for them. And they made them into local branches of Barclays. Globalism needs new forms like this.”

Nice point about how to shape your customer offer to cultural mores; much more real-life than those stupid HSBC commercials suggesting cultural differences around the world consist of whether it’s polite to put your feet on the table in public or not . Looks like Barclays understand the new globalism and how to shape yourself to fit customer needs better than that superficial nonsense:

– Bob Geldof, speaking at Leaders in London a couple of weeks ago.

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